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Trend time: Tue Jun 30, 2020
Trend location: New Zealand / New Zealand
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@lisanandy (Lisa Nandy) tweeted:

We’ve teamed up with 1000 MPs from across Europe to oppose plans to annex the West Bank. The world must not turn aw… https://t.co/WTlXRT6IXL

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

L’Europe devra se doter à terme, en #cybersécurité, d’une capacité de « cyber-dissuasion »

@maialnakib (Mai Al-Nakib) tweeted:

#Kuwait is surprised it's not on the list of countries permitted to enter Europe? We have a #Covid19 positivity rat… https://t.co/29J2GNhLOT

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

"The countries with the highest mortality from COVID19 are also the countries that have demonized chloroquine the m… https://t.co/H05O32TXSK

@patrick_edery (Patrick Edery) tweeted:

⚠️CIEKAWE: Trzaskowski jest członkiem Rady ECFR - Think Tanku Sorosa. Jest to główne narzędzie Sorosa do wywierania… https://t.co/V5FtJcy52z

@TegidRoberts (Tegid Roberts) tweeted:

"Coronavirus: UK hardest hit by virus among leading G7 nations" UK? No, England has the worst excess deaths in Eur… https://t.co/4dSrk8ecC0

@vmaurus (veronique maurus) tweeted:

Le 20h de #France2 Pas 1 mot sur les 2 conférences du jour d’E #Macron. Rien sur Merkel, l’Europe ni sur la Confére… https://t.co/UAw5GkMlf8

@TarekFatah (Tarek Fatah) tweeted:

Bosnia in Central Europe is emerging as preferred route for Pakistan-origin terrorists arriving in Europe - The Eco… https://t.co/pLDxyQhcSU

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I see the @BBCNews presented a few measures which show the UK as the worst performing on #COVID19 . They left out… https://t.co/tf4Kvxf6mO

@JamesCostos (James Costos ) tweeted:

Spain has always been the most desirable location for international filming because of the diverse and beautiful lo… https://t.co/XfjfpI0agd

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