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Paul Fletcher

Trend time: Tue Jun 30, 2020
Trend location: Sydney / Australia
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@jjjove (Pup Fiction) tweeted:

BREAKING Arts Minister Paul Fletcher announces that new production, Scott Cam - The Musical, has received the enti… https://t.co/j7J1Y9jmal

@slpng_giants_oz () tweeted:

Paul Fletcher must have read the Murdoch talking points on the ABC before coming on to #QandA tonight. Its pathetic #Auspol

@KieraGorden () tweeted:

Gosh, Paul Fletcher really testing the “if we make a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will believe it”… https://t.co/IMCkHJFfJD

@vanbadham (Anti-Fascist, Van Ba) tweeted:

Liberals hate the ABC because of how badly the likes of Paul Fletcher perform on this programme. #QandA

@WorldOfMarkyD (Mark ✊) tweeted:

Paul Fletcher you’re blatantly lying on #QandA now

@andrewmercado () tweeted:

I'm so glad that Paul Fletcher is on @QandA tonight to dominate and mansplain everything, and still get it wrong de… https://t.co/QMiO9T5aLt

@vanbadham (Anti-Fascist, Van Ba) tweeted:

Suspecting that Paul Fletcher will cut another $100 million from the ABC tomorrow after having his arse handed to h… https://t.co/hNtws0hAvE

@r_quazzy (ramona quazzola) tweeted:

@AlexanderDowner @LiberalAus @ABCaustralia @ABCmediawatch @QandA @PaulFletcherMP Paul Fletcher was « attacked » - y… https://t.co/OKfyAChzcl

@TooheyMatthew (Matthew Toohey) tweeted:

@AlexanderDowner @QandA Someone call a waaambulance for Lord Downer. I didn't see you complaining about balance wh… https://t.co/i53mfX6dFj

@gurambae (Robyn Talbot) tweeted:

I thought QandA tonight was the best for a long time. The panel was balance RW and LW. Virginia Trioli kept the con… https://t.co/OjrqxV9zre

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