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Trend time: Tue Jun 30, 2020
Trend location: Sydney / Australia
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@IsaLeeWolf (Isa-Lee Wolf) tweeted:

Here's a question. Trump fired intelligence Inspector General Michael Atkinson in early April. Trump was briefed… https://t.co/yNS88mLUqB

@nanniquilts (Catherine Berry) tweeted:

@biannagolodryga Imagine what all @GOP Senators, that chose not impeach this POtuS, what statement they will have f… https://t.co/jliqBH4FjY

@ConElMazoDando (Con el Mazo Dando) tweeted:

El 76% de los rusos apoyan reforma constitucional que permite reelección de Putin (+sondeo)… https://t.co/oHjGStMBiI

@Kasparov63 (Garry Kasparov) tweeted:

Putin continues to build a total surveillance state in Russia. Instead of even hiding it, they've named the school… https://t.co/qBpeL0joJn

@AshaRangappa_ (Asha Rangappa) tweeted:

An ongoing investigation by whom? Into whom? If this is true, why has the WH claimed the whole thing is a "hoax"? A… https://t.co/2GkIOFmXlT

@LegionBobo (Bobby Parker) tweeted:

Thoughtful thread by @PeteButtigieg on military service and the current Commander in Chief. @realDonaldTrump turn… https://t.co/u6UKhSP2Ei

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

CNN airing an absolutely insane report about Trump’s calls with world leaders. Holy. Shit. Turkish President Erdo… https://t.co/bOumEWzN0f

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#Путин неожиданно объявил военные сборы. #Украина ждет нападения. Эксперты заговорили о войне https://t.co/j2bYo1ctVp

@JRHannafin (JR Hannafin) tweeted:

@Bushfairyz @cincity631 @HoarseWisperer Putin has a bug in his golf bag, and another in his golf cart, plus an acti… https://t.co/oM1pvR7X4d

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@glennkirschner2 Not so fun fact: Trump then rewarded Putin in May when he gave Putin $5.6Billion in aid, including… https://t.co/cBr1HmDPU2

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