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@ManUtd (Manchester United) tweeted:


@ManUnitedZone_ (United Zone) tweeted:

Evra recalls the time Jose Mourinho took away the number 9 shirt from Martial for Zlatan #mufc [@footballdaily] https://t.co/16bUfHYdrX

@ManUnitedZone_ (United Zone) tweeted:

Evra: “Solskjaer for me is the man. I’m not afraid to say it.” #mufc [Sky]

@ManUnitedZone_ (United Zone) tweeted:

Mason Greenwood scores his 6th goal in the Premier League - 13 goals in all competitions so far this season #MUFC

@ManUnitedZone_ (United Zone) tweeted:

Ice Cold. ❄️ #MUFC #BHAMUN https://t.co/Vh7MKWGuFp

@MUFCScoop (MUFC Scoop) tweeted:

Bruno Fernandes: “We knew that we needed to push forwards and to try and score from minute one. I was lucky with th… https://t.co/1AiU3Kpc26

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

FULL TIME Brighton 0-3 Manchester United - AWB solid in defense & attack

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@AbdelBeheri (Abdel Rahman) tweeted:

The Matic pass -> The Greenwood cross -> The Fernandes volley. United 12 Second Counter Attack™️ #mufc https://t.co/K74jsXJaR2

@StrettyNews (StrettyNews.com) tweeted:

Match report from a five-star United performance, by @LSmith_____

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