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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

During these unprecedented times, follow SBA’s social media accounts for the latest information →… https://t.co/omhjlCLwDj

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hey #obuntunation it is #SocialMediaDay Social Media is the heart of global communication since its inception. A po… https://t.co/5OGI53np0n

@ObesityAction (OAC) tweeted:

On #socialmediaday, we want to invite you to learn how you can get involved with the OAC! Getting involved can take… https://t.co/3ZJyAdLbXk

@ObesityAction (OAC) tweeted:

During #socialmediaday, take a minute to invite your friends and family to register and experience our FREE weight… https://t.co/QgaeWnx1g6

@FBI (FBI) tweeted:

On #SocialMediaDay, #DYK that the FBI has a Facebook page and an Instagram account? You can learn more about our mi… https://t.co/w3ckJPtWek

@ORStatePolice (Oregon State Police) tweeted:

Happy World #SocialMediaDay. Celebrate with us by staying connected to #YourOregonStatePolice Follow us on Twitt… https://t.co/0hlhzs0zwm

@AuburnFootball (Auburn Football) tweeted:

It's #SocialMediaDay and we want to make sure you're keeping up with all the Tigers on Twitter! ⬇️ click below and follow the squad ⬇️

@RichmondRaceway (Richmond Raceway) tweeted:

Fact: selfie videos are better in @Gatorade Victory Lane. Happy #SocialMediaDay

@WildKrattsOffic (Wild Kratts Official) tweeted:

Happy #SocialMediaDay!

@UNC_Basketball (Carolina Basketball) tweeted:

Since it's #SocialMediaDay ➡ Go give the fellas a follow

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