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We Support XianLim

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Makati / Philippines
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@ItsYhenMesina (Yhen Mesina) tweeted:

JaDine Fandom supports you @xianlimm we love you no matter what. We Support XianLim

@jillybeans214 (Jill) tweeted:

kung walang masamang motibo, bakit di kinausap ng mabuti in private? nag fb agad tapos may interviews na .. ediwow! We Support XianLim

@jammy_02 (KimXander ChiuLim) tweeted:

We Support XianLim thank you http://t.co/HDI2Fwykdo

@angelinaleonor8 (AngelinaLeonor) tweeted:

Ano pa ang ibang kasinungalingan Atty Carol? We Support XianLim http://t.co/BcGP9mswzS

@Pacoquita5 (Pacoquita) tweeted:

Xian's career thrives on how he is; w/his clean living, hard work, commendable work ethic, high credibility, integrity. We Support XianLim

@mave_nice (Mave Iñigo) tweeted:

Nakakainis yung mga pa-victim and pa-bida. | We Support XianLim

@GlodeneC (GlodeneCKXIG) tweeted:

We Support XianLim ddd

@bsfabros (KimXiForever) tweeted:

RT @chryxi28: “@JgreyKX: @chryxi28 War freak, war Albay na nga daw ^_^ We Support XianLim”YAN DAPAT ANG ITREND NI GOV HAHAHAAHH

@KimberLex16 (Ni Hao,Labs Ko!) tweeted:

“@adjudion: poor albay ng dahil kay gov.. warm albay naging war albay! nakakasira ka ng image gov! We Support XianLim”

@jaiii18 (ms∫) tweeted:

RT @itsmeepakha: Eh nagkataon na may manners ang nakausap ayaw magka breach of contract minasama na..akala ko ba titulado kayo?? We Support…

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