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@chevytothe_levy (Izzi Levy #IStandWit) tweeted:

it's a doggone shame @SenJoniErnst skipped yesterday's Medicare town hall. but you can read all about… https://t.co/bReAaTIsr7

@maireadlynn (Mairéad Lynn) tweeted:


@yoruguaenusa (José) tweeted:

My baby Sugar loves everyone but I have a feeling she wouldn’t like @joniernst #IStandWithRingo https://t.co/zc6ETEHyt9

@JJohnsonLaw (Janet Johnson) tweeted:

Great job, ⁦@joniernst⁩. You got me to contribute to Theresa again. #IStandWithRingo https://t.co/6LwYAUbCm5

@skh57 (Calamity Shawn ) tweeted:

@djmincey11 #IStandWithRingo #Dogs4Biden https://t.co/eR2TlPsmzG

@CristyDwyer (Cristy Dwyer) tweeted:

Hudson can’t believe the news! #IStandWithRingo https://t.co/ia2965P5CA

@jorjadavis (jorja davis) tweeted:

Joni Ernst is a moron . Attacking someone’s picture w their dog is about the dumbest campaign strategy or ( no str… https://t.co/NwfFI4sUEs

@Sher_Bear64 (Sheri #VoteBlue) tweeted:

RT @SamNewton: Qs that @joniernst must answer about these shameful attacks: 1. Will you apologize? 2. Are you opposed to selfies with dog…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @GogartyKay: UNBELIEVABLE! @JoniErnst, who yesterday REFUSED to answer reporters’ questions if she agreed with #Trump that the Election…

@ERahmanPhoto (Emily R) tweeted:

My girl stands with Ringo! #IStandWithRingo https://t.co/6CUJDcaWKP

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