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@Lehlogonolo_Avi (Lehlogonolo Aviot) tweeted:

Mxm this #VoetsekEFF shows that South Africans are bored. https://t.co/57mK8U8kpF

@Thobani_Seme (Skinny Jagger) tweeted:

RT @Indicium_Denzil: I love my people

@Mr_BuffaloSA (Mr Buffalo ) tweeted:

If we were to go to the polls which party would you vote for? #VoetsekANC #VoetsekEFF #VoetsekDA #PutSouthAfricansFirst

@TheCouncilWolf (Council Wolf ⤵️) tweeted:

The small boys doesn't like this. #VoetsekEFF https://t.co/Wswm5UDNuS

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#VoetsekEFF ? Haibo guys who's safe? Okay I understand #VoetsekANC we're tired yilezo zinja! But Who are we voting… https://t.co/E81vEqGQzx

@mtsuebeane (Socialism, not a Uto) tweeted:

#VoetsekEFF I didn’t see this one coming https://t.co/Sq1gXsoZkY

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#VoetsekEFF & #VoetsekAnc

@_marksandiso (Patriotic ) tweeted:

RT @Indicium_Denzil: I love my people

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @BINLADEN_SA: EFF is prioritising foreigners over South Africans #VoetsekEFF #VoestekAnc #PutSouthAfricansFirst https://t.co/Ngn…

@Dukes_Mokoena (Dumisani Mokoena) tweeted:

RT @Oscar_T_Hamese: Black Twitter will have you thinking that you are together Kanti they are just using you. It's now #VoetsekEFF

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