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Trend time: Sat Aug 01, 2020
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@basquetvd (Básquet Vermouth ) tweeted:

#NBA | Comienza el partido ⏱️

@NBA (NBA) tweeted:

Just throw it in to Boban!

@PabloRR66 (PablO RiverA ©) tweeted:

Westbrook, Harden, House Jr, PJ Tucker, Covington. El small ball más pequeño de la historia. Ni la death lineup 201… https://t.co/5Jtz7vfTzi

@highervoltages (High⚡️Voltage⚡️Media) tweeted:

Celtics and Mavs: Defense is optional #NBA #WholeNewGame

@illuminatemarco (Marcos Pena) tweeted:

RT @TheVickieVix: This was a great win! Both teams were out there fighting for a playoff spot which raised the intensity tremendously. Nice…

@BinsPuno (Vince) tweeted:

RT @jrmydelcarmen: Yezzerr it's day 2! NBA is back! Made an NBA fan art/poster design | Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 #NBA #WholeNewGame #NBAR…

@JuanPTeixeira (Juan Pablo Teixeira) tweeted:

RT @basquetvd: #NBA | Comienza el partido ⏱️

@nicko_andrean (Nicko Andrean) tweeted:

RT @NBA: Just throw it in to Boban!

@rae8060 (Richard Esparza) tweeted:

RT @spurs: 20-piece for @Dwhite921

@JuanPTeixeira (Juan Pablo Teixeira) tweeted:

RT @basquetvd: #NBA | Final 1C ⏱️

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