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Trend time: Sat Aug 01, 2020
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@_KarateChris (Jamaican King ) tweeted:

Lol boys be calling Bron fans bandwagon fans yet they done supported every single team that oppose Bron lead teams… https://t.co/tJg4iD89qD

@ButlerMBB (Butler Basketball) tweeted:

Good luck to a few of our favorite Dawgs tonight as the @celtics open play in the Bubble. #AlwaysADawg https://t.co/l8so2kqUYi

@ESPNNBA (NBA on ESPN) tweeted:

All the players and coaches kneeled during the national anthem before Celtics-Bucks. https://t.co/odPUHsv1hU

@notoriousIT (stud) tweeted:

im convinced Daniel Theis has fucked the wife of every single ref in the NBA and they all hate him as a result

@ColeyMick (Čöłęÿ Mīçk) tweeted:

I had the same reaction as the entire Celtics bench https://t.co/R9fkfM0jLA

@MikeDynon (Mike Dynon ☘️) tweeted:

Smart had a personal 8-pt run late 3Q to give Celtics their first lead.

@Marc_DAmico (Marc D'Amico) tweeted:

I laugh at all of the Wanamaker hate that I see on Twitter. That dude is so solid, and he's one of the biggest reas… https://t.co/yTmAuqwkli

@celticsblog (CelticsBlog) tweeted:

I already feel bad for the next guy that has to guard Tatum.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Gerson, traz o litrão que o #Celtics perdeu mais uma https://t.co/tmxclQGqRh

@BWalkerSEC (Brandon Walker) tweeted:

When you’re 0-for-the NBA since the restart. How the fuck did the Celtics not get inside the 4.5? https://t.co/KvzVKLGRqz

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