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Trend time: Sat Aug 01, 2020
Trend location: Strasbourg / France
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@NBATV (NBA TV) tweeted:

The Ja show is back in action today

@blogziwells (Carmelo Anthony) tweeted:

the biggest problem facing the Blazers right now is that Gary Trent didn’t have more kids

@PinwheelEmpire (Pinwheel Empire) tweeted:

Do Blazers fans have higher blood pressure than non Blazers fans? It's so stressful being a fan sometimes.

@jadande (J.A. Adande) tweeted:

Carmelo Anthony, who wasn't in the NBA at the start of November, hitting big shots for the Blazers at the end of July.

@ESPNStatsInfo (ESPN Stats & Info) tweeted:

Through regulation, the Grizzlies' Jaren Jackson Jr. has hit 5 3-pointers against the Trail Blazers today. It is h… https://t.co/8uqVXyfQsQ

@NBATV (NBA TV) tweeted:

CJ extends the Blazers’ lead in OT!

@OlehKosel (Oleh Kosel) tweeted:

With 4:49 left, the Grizzlies led the Trail Blazers by 9. Portland, though, forced OT and then knocked Memphis off… https://t.co/bqfybvO7ph

@TheNBACentral (NBA Central) tweeted:

Damian Lillard 29 PTS - 5 REB - 9 AST CJ McCollum 33 PTS - 3 REB - 6 AST Jusuf Nurkic 18 PTS - 9 REB - 5 AST - 6… https://t.co/dRQCe7F4Ls

@ESPNStatsInfo (ESPN Stats & Info) tweeted:

Today was the 6th time Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum and Carmelo Anthony have each scored 20 points in a game this se… https://t.co/5KHSxIDGq6

@joesimonssays (Joe Simons) tweeted:

Portland owns the tiebreak with New Orleans. Blazers win over the Grizzles, coupled with the Pelicans loss to Utah… https://t.co/iTrMfhTS4K

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