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@cordovagladysre (gigihadidn't) tweeted:

RT @krisantirmdn: klaus spitting truth and only the truth #UmbrellaAcademy2 https://t.co/W7dL9Vs12g

@cordovagladysre (gigihadidn't) tweeted:

RT @honeybutteral: umbrella academy’s songs in season 2

@itsnicolamoore (Nicola Moore) tweeted:

Thank you #netflixandchill #UmbrellaAcademy2

@JaimeMolina (JaimeMolina) tweeted:

#OrgullosPendejos #CafeColombiano #UmbrellaAcademy2 #Netflixlatinoamerica https://t.co/YMDWhjYnrW

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @pjosclub: você tem um minuto para admirar o sorriso de klaus hargreeves? #umbrellaacademy2 https://t.co/29tUdvlT7y

@vnillabear24 (i heard a rumor) tweeted:

Diego has a love interest and now I’m jealous. Lmao #UmbrellaAcademy2

@B1G_R0B (Robert A. Longoria) tweeted:

If we’re gonna lose I’d rather it be in the 3rd qtr so I can go watch #UmbrellaAcademy2

@goofysamberg (josh • ☂︎) tweeted:

RT @justinhmin: #UmbrellaAcademy2 is now available worldwide on @netflix. so let me reintroduce you to my family. the hargreeves siblings…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @geidermelo: Hoje tem #UmbrellaAcademy2 https://t.co/NvAcWcWoHL

@alexis_ayeee99 (Alexis) tweeted:

RT @ctrlyutazen: Ben Hargreeves sweetie you deserve so much better FUCK my heart can’t take this

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