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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Trump ordered federal forces to quell Portland protests. But the chaos ended as soon as they left. https://t.co/fsUx6R6VOw

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@shannonrwatts (Shannon Watts) tweeted:

“Many of the Republicans caterwauling about leftwing ‘anti-fascist’ groups have largely ignored the more than 300 m… https://t.co/h3f0Ll1z6F

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

hey portland! This right-wing evangelical worship leader/clout chaser from bethel shcool of supernatural ministry i… https://t.co/porOpXOeDl

@Balatafun (Alan) tweeted:

Portland city council voted to defund the police. Time to kick some asses to the curb. Man-up Portland - or the n… https://t.co/GAHoj71yri

@reuterspictures (Reuters Pictures) tweeted:

Global coronavirus cases surpass 17 million, federal law enforcement deploys to Portland, America mourns for civil… https://t.co/b5XMLlOhaY

@StrawsForAll (Fierce ⭐⭐⭐) tweeted:

This 100% represents those rioting in Portland. Disgusting pigs setting property on fire. Wake up #Portland because… https://t.co/xatKLoDCaT

@OANN (One America News) tweeted:

130 Federal Agents Stay Behind In Portland As ‘Quick Reaction Force’ https://t.co/2ctINutnx2 #OANN https://t.co/pzFHXi9kNx

@BLMSEA206 (BlackLivesMatterSEA) tweeted:

https://t.co/niewBc49cA Always use Security culture when protesting regardless how your protesting… https://t.co/R7X25ZJLdo

@BruceChambers (Bruce - #Trump2020 -) tweeted:

If Black Lives really Mattered to them, they would not be destroying everybody’s property. Portland man charged wit… https://t.co/nGzw5nSqGL

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