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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Okay im PISSED. Why the heck is Sanditon not going to be on the Emmy’s!!! I don’t care if they don’t win, I just wa… https://t.co/jWNvK5Owol

@BAFTA (BAFTA) tweeted:

We all remember Jodie Comer saying she owed @StephenGraham73 a pint last year when she won the award for Leading Ac… https://t.co/OSg1r0j1Zc

@BAFTA (BAFTA) tweeted:

Here we go, our first award of the evening… And the winner is Mo Gilligan (@MoTheComedian) for Entertainment Perfor… https://t.co/upLHM3RmXw

@BAFTA (BAFTA) tweeted:

Strictly Come Dancing wins Entertainment Programme (for the second time in the show’s history)

@BAFTA (BAFTA) tweeted:

Naomi Ackie wins Supporting Actress for her portrayal of the lipstick-eating Bonnie, in @TEOTFW

@bbcpress (BBC Press Office) tweeted:

@BAFTA (BAFTA) tweeted:

Congratulations to Will Sharpe, Rodney in Giri/Haji and winner of the Supporting Actor award

@BAFTA (BAFTA) tweeted:

Taskmaster takes the BAFTA for Comedy Entertainment Programme

@davechannel (Dave) tweeted:

Taskmaster has just BLOODY WON A @BAFTA. We’re pretty sure this makes it the first BAFTA winner where someone has p… https://t.co/jKZWgtiN3E

@BAFTA (BAFTA) tweeted:

Our Special Award, one of BAFTA’s highest honours, goes to actor, producer, director and musician @idriselba.… https://t.co/TUKnWg62Ra

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