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@bneil33 (Brian) tweeted:

Charlie Staines would have written history tonight if not for an injury. Two 4 try matches back to back. #NRLmanlypanthers

@beges007 (Beges007 OAM) tweeted:

RT @NrlConspiracies: You want to feel old. Then stop & consider you’re watching two outside backs born in the year 2000 ripping Manly ap

@Zkuy8888 (Zella) tweeted:

#nrlmanlypanthers I thot spud said Boyly was top 5 side

@RossMartin1960 (Ross Martin) tweeted:

15 minutes to play. Just need JFH to score to win $620 and he’s on the bloody bench!!!! #NRLManlyPanthers

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