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@MissAdonaai (A Qt.) tweeted:

One of the best artists I know but I’m biased

@therealmonaIisa () tweeted:

#BlackPoundDay Even though I don’t sell any products please support by giving your time by either reading my blog… https://t.co/OllzKFh9jK

@Teejayyldn (TJ ) tweeted:

RT @Amaa___Official: It’s Black Pound Day If you’re black, British and have a business drop the links to your brand below for RT, shares…

@SteveyLFC7 (SSLFC7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) tweeted:

RT @stan1420: #Blackpoundday have you ever heard such drivel in all your life...

@SlayyyRose (coz she Slay all day) tweeted:

RT @psloveTT: Shop https://t.co/oIDejiHL5A 2FOR£12 + FREE DELIVERY no code needed

@hollyyclapp (John the Baptist sta) tweeted:

RT @Ryahmaexo: *Black pound day* Melanin clothing on insta

@mariaannss (Maarrsss ) tweeted:

RT @ElohimApparel: Hey i’m Rufaro the CEO of ElohimApparel, It has been exactly a month since i launched my clothing line and i can’t stres…

@OAdeshoye (Oyinkan) tweeted:

RT @LateefSaka: #BlackPoundDay again! You need to be intentional in your purchases. This may not solve all the issues but it certainly buil…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @AmberAkaunu: Because it's #BlackPoundDay and because it's the day after Beyonce released the iconic #BlackIsKing, you can get 30% off e…

@chideraaye (chiderashoots ) tweeted:

happy #BlackPoundDay guys. I’m a photographer from London. So if you need any portrait shots, brand shots, behind t… https://t.co/2werAXuPBA

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