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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @thelizguide: My Ebook will provide you with the benefits of self care, tips on what to do when you’re not in control of this and the co…

@Ace1st (♠️) tweeted:

RT @CDN_01: @ikeeyah_ Follow on instagram - https://t.co/CccuU2Z1rb… Website - https://t.co/4XRSYAWi7y #BlackPoundDay https://t.co/VoJ71…

@Nclarke30 (Nick) tweeted:

RT @BlackPoundDay:

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @LateefSaka: #BlackPoundDay again! You need to be intentional in your purchases. This may not solve all the issues but it certainly buil…

@simplyroch246 (Rochelle) tweeted:

RT @TiggyTweetz: Its #BlackPoundDay here in the UK.. A day where we support black business and share our receipts and experiences..❤Time to…

@Shamsarda_ (ST) tweeted:

RT @CeceBakess: Follow my baking page & support a black business todayyy

@lilysoo (Jay Clark) tweeted:

RT @sotsdelasots: I hand make plant base natural hair products for all hair types. So many long hours and sweat has gone into this. The…

@ikeeyah_ (kae) tweeted:

RT @dineracllction: We’re giving you more discount for #BlackPoundDay! Use code ‘BPD20’ to get 20% off your entire order

@cenizacaer (Ceni @ BLM) tweeted:

RT @themeyastore: Did someone say #BlackPoundDay ? Well, we think it’s about time wig owners start storing their wigs properly! No more d…

@Andro_Eve (Andro & Eve) tweeted:

RT @ROOTedZine: Support a Black owned business today (and everyday)! ✊

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