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Trend time: Sat Aug 01, 2020
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@kellyjohnsonhas (kellyjohnsonhaskell) tweeted:

You mean I should tweet #YesWECanAgain??? I will absolutely tweet #YesWeCanAgain as many times I need to tweet… https://t.co/SDyDF3GHVm

@funder (Scott Dworkin) tweeted:

#YesWeCanAgain is trending! That was quick. Let’s get it to number one!

@TheDemCoalition (Democratic Coalition) tweeted:

Raise your hand if you're ready to help us elect Joe Biden! #YesWeCanAgain #YesWeCanAgain #YesWeCanAgain ✋

@LibsInAmerica (LiA) tweeted:

We need a real President who will unite this country, revive the economy, end the epidemic and restore our America'… https://t.co/BhayG6qBEl

@funder (Scott Dworkin) tweeted:

BOOM: Over 500,000 views on our new Biden and Obama video since this morning #YesWeCanAgain https://t.co/SC8eyCyKoQ

@duty2warn (Duty To Warn ) tweeted:

If Trump had an honest ad: A wickedly funny satire #YesWeCanAgain https://t.co/M7JhLOdmQD

@funder (Scott Dworkin) tweeted:

Over 100,000 tweets have gone out with #YesWeCanAgain. Because y’all rule.

@lindyli (Lindy Li) tweeted:

.@realDonaldTrump hi

@TheDemCoalition (Democratic Coalition) tweeted:

You made #YesWeCanAgain trend ALL DAY and the video has over 600,000 views! https://t.co/JZx1VqL6w4

@TheDemCoalition (Democratic Coalition) tweeted:

This must mean Trump endorses @JoeBiden and all of the Democrats running to replace complicit Republican Senators.… https://t.co/oqufef1d19

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