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Trend time: Sat Aug 01, 2020
Trend location: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
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@Zauvaughn (▫️) tweeted:

Rudiger is such a cone lmao

@falsewinger (Sripad) tweeted:

Not even surprised by Rudiger anymore. It's what he does every single game.

@ombis_victor (Island of Sodo) tweeted:

@Tommyreading124 @sesbpatrick @PositionalPlayX Kepa Rudiger Emerson Odoi Jorginho Pedro

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I really wanna know the location of that guy in chelsea board who scouted all serie a defenders and bought rudiger… https://t.co/2dXVd4ZguC

@Olisinho_______ () tweeted:

@skillzmike @Sleeky_Prince_ Lamps has no solution to the defence His formular is to “start the same xi if chelsea w… https://t.co/9W1Bk4pqNh


Na that Bellerin dribble pain Rudiger.

@integrimart (Integrimart.) tweeted:

Everyone deserves a cup even if they can't win a trophy. Na jokeO

@mahamane87 (Mahamane Sarmoye) tweeted:

@bedysow @ChelseaFC Rudiger and Zouma remind me Koscielny

@Sarrismau (#LampardOut #SarriIn) tweeted:

RT @ombis_victor: @Tommyreading124 @sesbpatrick @PositionalPlayX Kepa Rudiger Emerson Odoi Jorginho Pedro

@Holock__ (Lucho) tweeted:

I wish so many bad things to Rudiger & Jorginho. Kovacic & Alonso too. Not forgetting Willian. I really hope they n… https://t.co/Ec

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