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Trend time: Sat Aug 01, 2020
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@TheDoubleJB () tweeted:

I didn’t realise that Saliba was that much of a unit.

@AccyRising (Phil) tweeted:

It is the 14th @EmiratesFACup win in @Arsenal history! A brace for @Aubameyang7 and on to @EuropaLeague next year!… https://t.co/7PALzUcrx0

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Talk to me niceeeeeeee!!! #COYG https://t.co/11hj2cIed1

@leeasog (lee a lee lee ) tweeted:

Still buzzing..... #COYG #FACupFinal #LondonIsRed

@iamtheluka (Łukasz ) tweeted:

14 DELIVERS 14! #COYG #Always14Forward https://t.co/05fjFc17SE

@TheDoubleJB () tweeted:

@ChelseaFC #COYG #UTA #FACupFinal https://t.co/zRlIkRH4zr

@iancollinsbett (Collins Bett) tweeted:

Peace, bliss, and smiles are all I wish for myself this year. As I let all the bad energy and bad vibes slide away,… https://t.co/DduS8xpjTe

@bravenrugged (grace&truth) tweeted:

RT @lekan_kingkong: Retweet and type ‘Champion’ if you are an @Arsenal fan on this street. And make sure you cuppy a particular DJ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @tyreecejj9: This Aubameyang guy is a real goat!!

@munifaboxlade (fab4) tweeted:

RT @Omojuwa: Courtesy of @abrahamgreat , I am picking 10 Arsenal fans for 10 Arsenal jerseys tomorrow. Let me know who’s game for this! #CO…

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