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Trend time: Sun Aug 02, 2020
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@PhoenixAEW () tweeted:

I love that Rocky Romero is staying true to his Roppongi 3K style, with a suit that's fit for the club, in the midd… https://t.co/zGsw3LTQnL

@OfficialEGO (Man On A Quest playe) tweeted:


@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Can’t believe that they got Sting on #TalkNShopAMania.

@MachineGunKA (Karl Anderson) tweeted:

#TalkNShopAMania keep it up guys

@fowl_original (Fowl 'Sunkist Zen' O) tweeted:

Why does Teddy Long live in Gallows backyard? I would like to know please #TalkNShopAMania

@MachineGunKA (Karl Anderson) tweeted:

#TalkNShopAMania keep it going number 6

@fowl_original (Fowl 'Sunkist Zen' O) tweeted:

Paul Lee He's a shoot millionaire, just like the other Nature Boy #TalkNShopAMania

@SeanRossSapp (Sean Ross Sapp of Fi) tweeted:

He got irish whipped and he can't stop his momentum and is running to the lake #TalkNShopAMania https://t.co/9p1QK0cLSg

@WrestlingNewsCo (WrestlingNews.co - W) tweeted:

Teddy Long wants his money #TalkNShopAMania https://t.co/JvBFSPCloX

@thepaigemage (Mia ) tweeted:

I don’t think I’ve ever stated how much a love Chavo....and Pepe!

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