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Trend time: Sun Aug 02, 2020
Trend location: France / France
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@emmypau (emmanuel paul) tweeted:

RT @Uncle_savage00: No Chelsea player wants to play against Bayern next week

@Akinduro30 (FRANCIS BA©ON™) tweeted:

RT @DrJoeAbah: Retweet if your club has won a trophy this season. Like if you support Arsenal.

@jdjongumzidenga (jongumzi) tweeted:

RT @VectorThaViper: Make e no be like say we no tell una... @frankedoho Shebi you have seen? #ARSvsCHE #EmiratesFACup #Suppersport https:…

@rhyshewson11 (Rhys Hewson) tweeted:

RT @HighlightzoneYT: The finish from Auba

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @MarkodoniaFT: #ARSvsCHE https://t.co/s7274bc7pE

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