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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Hulu Langat / Malaysia
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@HouseHouseGoals (House Goals ) tweeted:

See that long ship on the 3 buildings? That's Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It's been a great experience to be there http://t.co/RCHdmpmmVn

@TheDeeKosh (Dee Kosh) tweeted:

Did you guys know that Yusheng or Lo Hei originated from SINGAPORE????


@BaneCentral are in singapore http://t.co/HhpFESPjsz

@jbhavan (Bhavan Jaipragas 八万) tweeted:

#Singapore's founding PM Lee Kuan Yew in ICU but stable, on 'mechanical ventilation: @AFP news alert

@SusanIbrahim (Susan ) tweeted:

Raajjeyga Raeesaku huregen hurihaa faidhaa eh vanee Singapore ah.... Ethanun bin, flat gathun adhi hurihaa faisaa eh rahkaakuramun dhey

@FRANCE24 (FRANCE 24) tweeted:

Singapore founding PM Lee Kuan Yew in ICU but 'stable' http://t.co/7vXF6yuOPR http://t.co/OtNmb7y7BY

@themmailonline (Malay Mail Online) tweeted:

Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew in ICU but stable, says Prime Minister’s Office http://t.co/w10MTVdLn5 http://t.co/JQLcq0NfeC

@FASingapore (FAS) tweeted:

GOAL! 16' Almbayed puts his side up with a volley from the edge of the box! Singapore U23s 0-1 Syria U23s

@wyekheung (Wye Kheung) tweeted:

good evening Singapore. http://t.co/Mr7E5YNf0j

@FourFourTwoSG (FourFourTwo ) tweeted:

18' GOALLLL!!! Irfan! Irfan! IRRRRFFFAAANNN! 1-1 to Singapore U23 now! #SGPvSYR

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