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@mustaf_hd (yaga-YEET) tweeted:

@HarryMaguire93 @ManUtd #GlazersOutWoodwardOut

@nakiddjr (Nathan Kidd ) tweeted:

RT @Michael_P853: People tweeting #GlazersOut or #GlazersOutWoodwardOut in protest but will say well done to them if they get the sancho de…

@nakiddjr (Nathan Kidd ) tweeted:

RT @DanieIllll: That time of the year again. #GlazersOutWoodwardOut https://t.co/n4QS0HSRgn

@nakiddjr (Nathan Kidd ) tweeted:

RT @UtdJme: Disappointed but not surprised, one player brought in before the season starts on Saturday. Stop interacting with the @ManUtd…

@nakiddjr (Nathan Kidd ) tweeted:

RT @KickingDevils: Keep this energy going!!!! #GlazersOutWoodwardOut #GlazersOut https://t.co/WYbA8emh7k

@nakiddjr (Nathan Kidd ) tweeted:

RT @OleTrain: Problems United had to fix this transfer window : - RW ❌ - CDM ❌ - CB ❌ - LB ❌ - Better squad depth ✅ (Need more though) - S…

@traffordmanutd (trafford ) tweeted:

RT @glazers_out__: #GlazersOutWoodwardOut leave the club !!

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Fuk was I gonna purchase a season ticket whilst these muppets take advantage of our club #GlazersOutWoodwardOut fuck the lot man

@nakiddjr (Nathan Kidd ) tweeted:

RT @AdelekeLeolee: Enough is enough,your reigns are over #GlazersOutWoodwardOut we don't want people that are clueless about football...we…

@traffordmanutd (trafford ) tweeted:

RT @Roaring_Si: Keep it trending folks #GlazersOutWoodwardOut #GlazersOutWoodwardOut

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