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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Philippines / Philippines
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@celtics (Boston Celtics) tweeted:

Kemba Walker: “Miami is a whole different team than Toronto. They play very differently, so we have to be able to adjust pretty fast.”

@mattgolio5 (NYY 27-21) tweeted:

And y’all said Kemba was better than Kyrie

@ClutchPointsApp (ClutchPoints) tweeted:

Kemba Walker pregame playlist https://t.co/b3WODwntty

@KeithSmithNBA (Keith Smith) tweeted:

Celtics fans in my mentions are now asking for Brad Wanamaker to play over Kemba Walker. I didn't have that square… https://t.co/oFXZau6Ynm

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

This nigga kemba just be out there running and smiling the fuck you so happy for nigga you playing like shit

@Hulkoworld (HULK ) tweeted:

Kemba please please please wake up please im begging you!!!!

@SplurgeeNel (a skinny nigga) tweeted:

marcus smart > kemba at this point

@LegendOfWinning (L.O.W.) tweeted:

I determine how good a player is based on how bad they get bullied on NBA Twitter *Kemba Walker having another bad… https://t.co/y3pcYv0A5Q

@ByTimReynolds (Tim Reynolds) tweeted:

Heat have argued every whistle against them since the Dragic-Kemba foul that wasn't, and they've had a case every time.

@CoachBworking (Cord Berry) tweeted:

Kemba is the closer the Celtics trippin.

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