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@BleacherReport (Bleacher Report) tweeted:

This happened the last time Kawhi Leonard played a Game 7. https://t.co/F2WXrLGGMc

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

in game 7 while blowing a 3-1 lead Stephen Curry : 17 points, 6-19 FG Kawhi Leonard : 14 points, 6-22 FG now i w… https://t.co/aYA2DEaft1

@KevinRashidi (Kevin Rashidi) tweeted:

Kawhi Leonard left the defending NBA Champions, to go play with Paul George in LA, only to end up playing in Orland… https://t.co/wd3cpuvHaF

@EmmanuelAcho (Emmanuel Acho) tweeted:

Imagine if Lebron went 6-22 in a game 7 he was NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE IN!! Can y’all stop comparing Kawhi Leonard t… https://t.co/pa6vzuabIr

@_TonyHilfiger (the don of don julio) tweeted:

we mixin that kiwi leonard runtz wit that playoff p biscotti https://t.co/TGsp6XmYzZ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:


@MatthewMcGovern (Matthew McGovern) tweeted:

Kawhi Leonard going out early so he’s guaranteed not to have a losing record against LeBron https://t.co/8QnTG4CDhc

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Let’s end the narrative that Kawhi Leonard GAVE the Raptors a championship in 2019 The Raptors without a Superstar… https://t.co/Q6qkfQn1sh

@NBAdoPovo (NBA do Povo ) tweeted:

Encerrado: Los Angeles Clippers 89 x 104 Denver Nuggets Fim da série: 4-3 DEN DEN

@_SayHeyKid (Davie〽️) tweeted:

LeBron James comes back from a 3-1 lead Kawhi Leonard blows 3-1 lead It’s. Levels. To. This. Shit

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