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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Puerto Rico / Puerto Rico
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@sflow2 (Scott Flowers) tweeted:

Palat / Eberle #bucciovertimechallenge

@Buccigross (Bucci Mane) tweeted:

Here we go again. @NYIslanders and @TBLightning for another #bucciovertimechallenge. Use hashtag, spell correctly!!… https://t.co/4gn4L6nMNy

@88CDeangelis (Chris) tweeted:

#bucciovertimechallenge Eberle @Buccigross

@Elinus7 (Eli Combs) tweeted:

#bucciovertimechallenge Maroon/Eberle

@Moehage7 (Moe Hage) tweeted:

#bucciovertimechallenge Kucherov/Eberle

@SachinDaveC (Sachin Dave Chandan) tweeted:

#bucciovertimechallenge Kucherov/Eberle

@emilyjxdith (emily) tweeted:

eberle lmao #bucciovertimechallenge

@Haywoodsj30 (Phillip Haywood) tweeted:

Eberle/goodrow #bucciovertimechallenge

@SteveStrohsahl (Steve Strohsahl) tweeted:

@Buccigross eberle / coleman #bucciovertimechallenge

@Ian_Gooding (Ian Gooding) tweeted:

Palat/Eberle #bucciovertimechallenge

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