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Jimmy Butler

Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Washington / United States
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@MovistarNBA (NBA en Movistar+) tweeted:

Tremendo lo de Jimmy Butler. Qué jugadorazo. #TiempoDePlayoffs https://t.co/whspBfmUcT

@SASBurnerAcct (Stephen A. Smith Bur) tweeted:

JIMMY BUTLER FROM 3 https://t.co/Qxrv9YLbR6

@BleacherReport (Bleacher Report) tweeted:

JIMMY BUTLER TAKES THE LEAD. https://t.co/ulxHx7cn5E

@ronchi565 (Renan Ronchi) tweeted:

Uma saudade que não cabe em 280 caracteres do meu ex Jimmy Butler.

@nottwon (黒い雲) tweeted:

That nigga Jimmy Butler play like he from a project building.

@TimothyTheFirst (tim ) tweeted:

Jimmy butler’s facial hair looks like he works third shift and doesn’t go out much lol

@99_markees (KeesDogg) tweeted:

I’m taking jimmy butler over Paul George and that’s on my soul

@Farbod_E (Farbod Esnaashari) tweeted:

What the bubble taught me: LeBron James, Jimmy Butler, and Nikola Jokic are the best players in the NBA.

@LarkSkin_B (Swish No Miss ) tweeted:

Jimmy Butler carried Wiggins & KAT into the playoffs his intangibles make him better than Playoff P

@MikePeezy_ (Oochie Wally Szczerb) tweeted:

Always remember that Paul George was Kawhi’s FOURTH CALL! He asked KD, Kyrie and Jimmy Butler first

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