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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Seattle / United States
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@BLVCK_JESUS (G) tweeted:

Any as long as Kemba make the finals I’m up

@JumpShotJack (Jack Fields) tweeted:

RT @BadSportsRefs: Kemba Walker pushes Derrick Jones Jr into Marcus Smart, who flops Derrick Jones into Marcus Smart, who flops, gets a fre…

@401sheehan (Sheehan☘) tweeted:

@joshysneakattck @EvGuyBoston Wanamaker has picked up his play which is awesome. Kemba is getting paid the big buck… https://t.co/V94tj1dWEP

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@caiocesar__fc Esse é o ponto, o Murray não estava bem e foi ganhando confiança. O Kemba Walker está em queda livre… https://t.co/XI4Jad9bXR

@ImJustAdrien (TheOddManOut) tweeted:

RT @DomsRansom: This nigga kemba just be out there running and smiling the fuck you so happy for nigga you playing like shit

@_jacqui22 (Jacqui) tweeted:

@TheCreativeJC i got Miami in 6, kemba too much of a defensive liability for me

@brw21605 (Blaine) tweeted:

I had to watch for years as Kemba Walker do a Barry Sanders for years in Charlotte. I want to see him hit layups ag… https://t.co/NuYVYOvPfY

@mattsketball_ (Mattsketball Jones) tweeted:

@gpalm102620 @ColeyMick I agree but the offense completely fell apart as well. If you’re gonna be lazy on d you hav… https://t.co/1nRbgMeOrM

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@Saucepop_ Celtics pack in the air tonight too

@KangzGonnaKangz (#FireLuke #VivekSell) tweeted:

Also every time the Heat hit a 3 it’s because Kemba is out of position. He’s consistently helping off for no reason. https://t.co/XeUxdtzROx

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