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Magic City

Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Seattle / United States
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@CityofMiami (City of Miami) tweeted:

Our Magic City

@NateeForlarin (ill smith) tweeted:

Harden waiting for Lou Will with bottles at Magic City right nowwwww!

@louboutindom (Capitalize the B in ) tweeted:


@JonahPlatt (Jonah Platt) tweeted:

Lou Williams gonna walk out of the arena straight onto a plane to Atlanta straight to Magic City. Dude will be havi… https://t.co/16r62TJSxQ

@mybookiebet (MyBookie Sportsbook) tweeted:

Lou Williams leaving the bubble heading straight to Magic City https://t.co/zDzDgbvXdj

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Magic city Thursday? @TeamLou23

@Trinidadjamesgg (Trinidad Jame$) tweeted:

PG don’t wanna talk to nobody. I would leave the bubble right now an get my homeboy to pick me up and go to Atlanta… https://t.co/zUqEzqsvhH

@CuffsTheLegend (73-9 and they LIED ) tweeted:

Lou Williams is nothing but BJ Armstrong with a Magic City VIP bracelet

@Blancogold (White Gold) tweeted:

Nigga you were eating wings at Magic City instead of attending team bonding exercises https://t.co/hAPnThjrPC

@GAFollowers (Everything Georgia) tweeted:

Otw to meet Lou Williams at Magic City.

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