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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Seattle / United States
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@faisal_moola (Dr. Faisal Moola) tweeted:

Yet another caribou herd has been wiped out & this one within a National Park ostensibly created to protect it & ot… https://t.co/5S

@RadioFreeTom (Tom Nichols) tweeted:

Trump just said the virus will go away because of “herd mentality”

@MaddowBlog (Maddow Blog) tweeted:

Herd mentality?? You mean herd immunity? That's what you're pursuing for us as a country, and you don't even know w… https://t.co/JkGLu2XSZ3

@SybilT2 (Sybill Trelawney) tweeted:

@JoeNBC @atrupar Herd mentality. https://t.co/ILNlY14wXq

@kurteichenwald (Kurt Eichenwald) tweeted:

Please, dont just make fun of Trump's stupid misuse of language. @JoeNBC is right. He means herd immunity. And that… https://t.co/P2mozEw6mz

@billbowtell (Bill Bowtell AO) tweeted:

Today @realDonaldTrump claimed that the coronavirus “goes away” even without a vaccine because “you’ll develop lik… https://t.co/OGKRGyMSxj

@deangloster (Dean Gloster) tweeted:

What will President Trump--who just talked about the "herd mentality" and how police should visit "retribution" for… https://t.co/uxo4fRsFtl

@gtconway3d (George Conway) tweeted:

@neeratanden you haven’t herd?

@jefftimmer (Jeff Timmer) tweeted:

I can’t believe what I just herd https://t.co/QQYOB1dJow

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

It. Wasn’t. A. Gaffe. Trump intentionally baited the MSM into highlighting the same “herd mentality” the MSM/Dems… https://t.co/oO8EOCwxhn

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