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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Sagamihara / Japan
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@OnlyArnoldUknow (Scarn) tweeted:

Clippers sweeping the Nuggets.. big facts

@TheHoopCentral (Hoop Central) tweeted:

@getnickwright (nick wright) tweeted:

The best the Clippers looked all year was in the press release announcing Kawhi & PG. Every bit of on court evide… https://t.co/zKbCf7

@SportsCenter (SportsCenter) tweeted:

The Clippers lose in Game 7 to blow a 3-1 lead to the Nuggets

@BobbyMlRE (Bobby) tweeted:

Come back from 3-1 against Utah ✅ Come back from 3-1 against LA✅ Become the first team to ever come back from 3-1… https://t.co/HvMQHfwpfL

@KingJosiah54 (Josiah Johnson) tweeted:

How the Nuggets throwing the Clippers out the bubble https://t.co/4qMBNQi3gi

@regularbarnett (Phillip Barnett) tweeted:

PG spurned the Lakers twice Kawhi chose the Clippers over the Lakers last year Pat Bev said they had the best squ… https://t.co/Fdqus1Fbax

@NBAMemes (NBA Memes) tweeted:

The Clippers in Game 7 https://t.co/Y1ioxz5eCx

@f1dp_ (F1 da Depressão) tweeted:

Meus pêsames a todos os torcedores do Los Angeles Clippers Jamal Murray >>>>

@TheRealRyan_T (RT) tweeted:

@Dame_Lillard @WorldWideWob @patbev21 Nuggets beat the Clippers in Game 7 to advance to the WCF https://t.co/aU3eJvW0wv

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