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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Virginia Beach / United States
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@paychiri (杨 bihan. ) tweeted:

annnnd probably my most favourite undertale art i did

@stellaviridis (Cove @ bIm / PPT2! c) tweeted:

undertale https://t.co/djY0nkYnEJ

@kosuke_saiore (こーすけ) tweeted:

9月15日がアンテ発売日で16日誕生日の今日が5周年記念コンサートなんて運命すぎる・・・。 *ケツイがみなぎった。 実況もしてますのでよかったら見てください! 誰も殺さずにクリアできるRPG【#UNDERTALE #1】… https://t.co/ZGXMxjWEuG

@octolinghacker (octolinghacker @ ) tweeted:

undertale music in orchestral style is so strong

@soysaucetime (soysauce bun) tweeted:

UNDERTALE 5TH ANNIVERSARY....... throwback to this piece i did in 2015.................. wow...... I cry https://t.co/f3kwQJ5KEm

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

i see why we gave the pope undertale now

@Core__Core (Core) tweeted:

E terminou com músicas e arranjos novos de Deltarune e Undertale não lançados até hoje. Ainda está rolando a live. https://t.co/IWVUW1B9nB

@Shindras_ (Shelfy @ bedtime) tweeted:

Happy 5th anniversary Undertale and thank you for the concert! https://t.co/eJGMtC0QCT

@M0NST3RB0Y (ᵇˡᵐ ) tweeted:

Thank you so much, Undertale. The ride may have been bumpy, but happy 5 years. This game changed my life- it was an… https://t.co/xVAeiymT4w

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

two types of undertale fans https://t.co/43yMFhYX8d

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