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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @stellaviridis: undertale https://t.co/djY0nkYnEJ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

so happy my tl is just undertale yessss highschool hyperfixation yesss

@birbspuff (cringe machine gwyn ) tweeted:

@peachyaaana If theres anything to learn from undertale!!!! Love is stored in joy, happiness, kindness, and friends

@RawkHawk2010 (Rawk) tweeted:

@_emptymoment That's what happens when aside from Pokémon Undertale is the only game with a JRPG-ish soundtrack you ever play, lol.

@morumoruushiko (みか) tweeted:

RiOさんからのバトン! #最後に聴いた曲を投下して5人指名して繋げていくリレー UNDERTALE 生誕 5 周年コンサート https://t.co/WGYuKc8tUh @YouTubeより さっきまで聴いてました…!… https://t.co/8B9416TINQ

@1207yomogi0401 (蓬) tweeted:

RT @kosuke_saiore: 9月15日がアンテ発売日で16日誕生日の今日が5周年記念コンサートなんて運命すぎる・・・。 *ケツイがみなぎった。 実況もしてますのでよかったら見てください! 誰も殺さずにクリアできるRPG【#UNDERTALE #1】 https:/…

@jikaiprogram (PANMO!) tweeted:

RT @neru_sleep: UNDERTALEの5周年生誕コンサートでブリブリ泣いた

@ylissebian (amelia ☀️) tweeted:

RT @ogshipping: i see why we gave the pope undertale now

@HOMULlLY (kris) tweeted:

RT @KyleeHenke: I don’t know what has messed me up more during the Undertale 5th Anniversary symphony the whole chat spamming rainbow hear…

@hybridshadowz (Hybrid) tweeted:

Okay, I lied. I'm wide awake and still happy and in awe that we all collectively lost our shit to the undertale concert together

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