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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Niigata / Japan
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@barstoolsports (Barstool Sports) tweeted:

The Clippers in the fourth quarter https://t.co/iBhmuTDNeM

@ComplexSports (Complex Sports) tweeted:

Lakers fans watching the Clippers lose in the second round. https://t.co/L7oRO2XKCv

@LakersNation (Lakers Nation) tweeted:

Look, everyone is making fun of the Clippers, but their consistency of never advancing past the second round should be recognized.

@OldTakesExposed (Freezing Cold Takes) tweeted:

#Lakers #Clippers https://t.co/KA3s6Z58Ru

@CHEVYWOODS (Chevy Woods) tweeted:

Clippers couldn’t make it out of the Gulag

@SincerelyNickM (NBA Nick) tweeted:

The clippers quit in games 5, 6 ,and 7. I've never seen a team built like this, fold like that. Also, S/O to the nu… https://t.co/vKhZROz5Yb

@BabyxShad (Baby Shad/Rashad) tweeted:

“Clippers will win the West.” https://t.co/OMD67QaFDH

@DVDJXX (Elvis Rodriguez Stan) tweeted:

Humbling always comes to guys like the clippers. That Bush league trash Morris was doing all bubble. Lou Williams v… https://t.co/AyohGzGCAo

@DETGoBlue (ً) tweeted:

Clippers blowing that lead makes absolutely no sense other than Paul George being a playoff bottler which we all knew

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Me scrolling through all of the clippers slander: https://t.co/28sNRdCskY

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