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Mornington Peninsula

Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Melbourne / Australia
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@RobertOvadia (ᖇOᗷEᖇT OᐯᗩᗪIᗩ) tweeted:

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING @7NewsMelbourne @7NewsAustralia A legal challenge to Victoria’s curfew and public health order… https://t.co/H3kiqpvwKv

@theheraldsun (Herald Sun) tweeted:

A single mother of three who runs a cafe on the Mornington Peninsula is set to challenge Melbourne’s controversial… https://t.co/si3v7CW6RE

@7NewsMelbourne (7 News Melbourne) tweeted:

A legal challenge to Victoria’s curfew and public health order has been launched in Victoria’s Supreme Court. The a… https://t.co/Z8XQ5Fi7sX

@phlogga (Phillip Lodge) tweeted:

Businesses on Mornington Peninsula complaining about being included in lockdown. Bloke from peninsular on radio tod… https://t.co/EvIHC8Q3KD

@phlogga (Phillip Lodge) tweeted:

90% of business on the Mornington Peninsula depends on tourism and holiday makers. As the bloke on radio this morni… https://t.co/Kr1iLabUXY

@rustedon1962 (Tony B) tweeted:

@theage Michelle Loielo, a Mornington Peninsula cafe owner and Liberal Party member concerned about human rights??… https://t.co/cSmjfOJgVe

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@StevePriceMedia Possibly because your liberal mates classified the Mornington Peninsula as Metro Melbourne in 1980… https://t.co/xR1d7NMbJu

@JohnRuddick2 (John Ruddick) tweeted:

"documents were filed in Victoria’s Supreme Court this afternoon to have the curfew removed. Mornington Peninsula r… https://t.co/v4rtw5h6d2

@SecuLawyer (Nat) tweeted:

Hmmm, the fact that she is trying to get preselected for the Libs makes this a bit sus. Victoria's #coronavirus cu… https://t.co/a2mEqsTc0e

@crazyjane13 (JessicaJonesismyGodd) tweeted:

A Liberal Party member seeking pre-selection in the Mornington Peninsula is launching Supreme Court action to have… https://t.co/DTAHSIvSrU

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