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@yuzu394 () tweeted:

#happybirthdayundertale #Undertale五周年記念イラスト 素敵なゲームに出会えてよかった おかげで自分を見つけられたし 素敵な友達も沢山出来た ありがとう!!Undertale!! カラーとモノクロ… https://t.co/4BTcGO3Tx8

@livedoornews (ライブドアニュース) tweeted:

【祝】本日9月15日で『UNDERTALE』発売5周年 「誰も死ななくていいやさしいRPG」をキャッチコピーとする、世界中で高い評価を得ているタイトル。誕生5周年&日本版登場3周年を記念し、「UNDERTALE 5th Anni… https://t.co/6fXEps

@J1N1_R (Jini | 著書『好きなものを「推す」) tweeted:

あああああああ………、ママもパピルスも花も喋ってる………。こんなん既プレイ勢泣くやろと思ったけど、Gルートクリアしてしまった勢は一体どんな顔してこのサイト見たらいいんだ……。 https://t.co/W0XXVZgkNc

@hellspawnmotel (LEO) tweeted:

it's hard to believe it's only been five years..... in so little time one tiny game has had such a big impact not j… https://t.co/H54YxZkQwG

@spaghoner (Mike Stimpson) tweeted:

happy birthday undertale https://t.co/qTKQ5CIObb

@trudicastle (Trudi Castle) tweeted:

Been watching the Undertale concert live and omg I love it! Even watching the characters slowly come in before the… https://t.co/YyQskrxh4M

@KawaiiMothra (Dust the moth!) tweeted:

Me watching the Undertale orchestra Me when they play Undertale https://t.co/w01S0CUHwG

@raudrraven (Chunk no Captain 32 ) tweeted:

hbd undertale but more importantly happy bday mettaton the man who transed my gender

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Rena enseñandole a @ZazilCross a ser graciosa (? Espera.. Aún no es Halloween? (? #undertale5thAnniversary… https://t.co/KluWlmyrAA

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

this undertale concerts making me remember that humanity is wonderful and connection is possible. or something.

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