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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Tucson / United States
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@um_israel (the izrd) tweeted:

Kawhi Leonard all game https://t.co/sYr7hvmx9B

@RealTomPetrini (Tom Petrini) tweeted:

Kawhi Leonard without an elite coach like Pop or Nick Nurse: https://t.co/4pqcvPa8tC

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Kawhi Leonard goes 6-22 FG 2-7 3PT 14 PTS 44 MINS in a Game 7. Don’t EVER compare this man to LeBron James https://t.co/aa4xCT3eyv

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Kawawa Leonard

@TJLask (Justin Lasker) tweeted:

@stephenasmith Congrats, Clippers! You landed Kawhi Leonard and Paul George! https://t.co/NgjFAOhGzw

@ChukMorka (Chuk Morka ) tweeted:

Kawhi Leonard when he sees George Paul in the locker room #ClippersVsNuggets https://t.co/nlaMEfLHKv

@LegionHoops (Legion Hoops) tweeted:

Kawhi Leonard in Game 7: 14 points, 6-for-22 shooting.

@SOULbeautifulme ((Raquel) KOBE ) tweeted:

Kawhi Leonard had 14 points & Paul George had 10 in an elimination game they combined for 24 points!!! They said t… https://t.co/3wstGV

@SGVNSports (Fred J. Robledo ) tweeted:

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George deserve to get pummeled the way you would LeBron and Kobe if they blew a series like… https://t.co/TsilN1s4fd

@LakerCentral365 (Laker Central ) tweeted:

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard both had separate opportunities to join LeBron and the Lakers and turned their backs… https://t.co/ZLrcyFAPmC

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