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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
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@emilynussbaum (Emily Nussbaum) tweeted:

To be fair, people *are* developing herd mentality.

@thegoodgodabove (God) tweeted:

herd mentality https://t.co/pDYmYAytSZ

@Booker4KY (Charles Booker) tweeted:

The President of the United State’s COVID relief plan: Herd mentality. He always says the quiet parts out loud.

@guygavrielkay (Guy Gavriel Kay) tweeted:

This is simply true, I agree, even though I made a 'herd mentality' joke. Fluffs, gaffes, blunders ... they registe… https://t.co/b9YkUpfI5r

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Even the goats I’m taking to Florida Governor’s Mansion next week know it’s called herd immunity not herd mentality

@TheRickyDavila (Ricky Davila) tweeted:

What in the everlasting fuck is herd mentality? MAGA hat wearing lunatics worshipping a scumbag?

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

There you go again. The MSM mischaracterizes the President’s comment. He didn’t say herd immunity. He specifically… https://t.co/cY0K1grW81

@finwiz416 (K[Ash] ) tweeted:

@Kyle_Feldscher Are you a epidemiologist? Have you heard of T Cell immunity? 40-50% of the population. The IFR i… https://t.co/Vr8tIs8mjV

@ExitRowSnoozer (Pinky Pincher) tweeted:

@ProjectLincoln @realDonaldTrump Imagine not being able to remember the phrase "herd immunity" and the best you can… https://t.co/XfZHHgzEwt

@twithertracie (Tracie Lemp is stayi) tweeted:

@ProjectLincoln @realDonaldTrump Do you know what herd mentality means. It means 2 million more Americans are going… https://t.co/UdOwDu24SF

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