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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Tucson / United States
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@girlsreallyrule (Amee Vanderpool) tweeted:

I can't get Desperate Cheeto out of my head-not the song Despacito, but the actual words from Desperate freaking Ch… https://t.co/b7YSy9C9AX

@ananavarro (Ana Navarro-Cárdenas) tweeted:

Let me tell it to you, despacito. This @JoeBiden Hispanic Heritage kick-off event w/@LuisFonsi and my friends,… https://t.co/VxMD4lvSqy

@dcexaminer (Washington Examiner) tweeted:

.@JoeBiden steps out and starts playing Despacito from his phone. https://t.co/V5lkUBOoCb

@sarahmucha (Sarah Mucha) tweeted:

After being introduced by Luis Fonsi, Joe Biden pulled out his phone and started playing Despacito ahead of his rem… https://t.co/Y8YI63Imkh

@mercedesschlapp (Mercedes Schlapp) tweeted:

Does @JoeBiden realize that Despacito means “slowly”? Fits well with Slow Joe https://t.co/7i6DzWwlSH

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Spanish to English translation of Despacito lyrics: Slowly I want to breathe in your neck slowly Let me murmur thi… https://t.co/Z3jj7qmUQ5

@ChrisDJackson (Chris D. Jackson) tweeted:

For all you tools knocking @JoeBiden for playing "Despacito" at his event today, why not point out that @LuisFonsi,… https://t.co/1LUnlqIoD1

@CortesSteve (Steve Cortes) tweeted:

Joe Biden steps to the podium and plays Despacito from his phone. I wonder why he’s struggling with Hispanics?! https://t.co/0b3FpoR0Lm

@realCCrump (Chandler Crump) tweeted:

Joe Biden walking out on the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month playing Despacito is one of the most tone-deaf th… https://t.co/6mULEUDlsY

@LeoNayfeld (Leo Nayfeld) tweeted:

In the last two days, Trump flew to CA to be briefed on the fires, signed peace accords in DC between Israel/UAE/Ba… https://t.co/8duxjz3lpg

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