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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Darwin / Australia
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@Addcam_DX (Adam Craig Campbell) tweeted:

All the things I have seen on here are examples of bullying someone who doesn’t hold the beliefs you do. I don’t di… https://t.co/E6AgF0wurB

@scarletwitchxav (géraldine) tweeted:

RT @La_Villanellee: La cancelan por su nuevo libro, el cual trata de un hombre que se viste de mujer para asesinar. (Lo cuál no hay nada ma…

@heybouncer (「#lior」) tweeted:

RT @BLUSHGRANGER: thread of trans women to donate to #RIPJKRowling

@frdofspeech (TheDan) tweeted:

Weil Linke so extrem hyperventilieren und eskalieren, um von wirklichen Problemen abzulenken, verfängt ihr ganzer H… https://t.co/3BoZwMEGX3

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