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Father Bob

Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Canberra / Australia
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@FatherBob (FatherBob) tweeted:

YES, we are auctioning my painting from Ahn's #brushwithfame. If you would like to buy it please state your price a… https://t.co/pycq6e5RVN

@RonniSalt () tweeted:

Watching @FatherBob right now on Ahn's Brush With Fame, I am reminded of one of my favourite Shakespearian quotes:… https://t.co/pCsWM0GKQj

@lizoluwi (Liz Brown) tweeted:

I love Father Bob: That's true Christianity @ScottMorrisonMP You couldn't touch him you have no idea about empathy, compassion, true love

@laurakatebanks (Laura Banks) tweeted:

How blessed we are to have @FatherBob . If everyone could take a little bit of Father Bob’s attitude out into the w… https://t.co/Q6l2FGHeL8

@craigreucassel (Craig Reucassel) tweeted:

I just love Father Bob #fatherbobauction

@Renadevisingh (Rena Devi Singh) tweeted:

@RonniSalt @FatherBob Dear Father Bob, you are national treasure and a beacon for kindness wrapped up in an austere… https://t.co/xAFqFmZeqj

@shane25873 (Shane Matthew Neave) tweeted:

I’m not a fan of religion, too much hurt caused by it. However I am a fan of Father Bob. Those I know, who have bee… https://t.co/h0j39oR1JX

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Just in case any one missed it!! ☺️❤️

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Victoria has Father Bob AND Dan Andrews - how do the other states survive? We are very lucky.

@AmeliaHanslow (Amelia Hanslow) tweeted:

15 minutes into this #AnhsBrushWithFame with @FatherBob and I'm tearing up. Loved Father Bob's biography, love th… https://t.co/pHacc5w4Br

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