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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Canberra / Australia
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@AustSoc (TASA) tweeted:

Please join us for our next TASA Thursdays event (17/9) with TASA member Naomi Pfitzner speaking on, "Responding to… https://t.co/wgRp5KnBm0

@RonniSalt () tweeted:

Re the showdown last week between Gladys & John Barilaro - Albanese needs to call Joel Fitzgibbon into his office &… https://t.co/BL

@slpng_giants_oz () tweeted:

Joel Fitzgibbon on #AfternoonBriefing ridiculously waffling on about coal being part of the future. Why isnt he ta… https://t.co/vpahAcsoy2

@JmarrMarr () tweeted:

I feel sick attacking Joel Fitzgibbon on Twitter, I have strong loyalty to Labor but I can’t be quiet about this… https://t.co/WUKRQAXvdS

@HamishMcCallum1 (Hamish McCallum) tweeted:

Joel Fitzgibbon should join the Nats, where he belongs. Sick of his fifth column sabotage of Labor #abc730

@PhillipAdams_1 (Phillip Adams) tweeted:

Fitzgibbon?He makes me want to rejoin the Labor Party so I could resign again https://t.co/mTLVWqB5mt

@junegruber (June Gruber) tweeted:

I spoke about the unspoken mental health risks faculty, too, face during this global pandemic.… https://t.co/vJPd0zqpQr

@Scott_A_Moody (Scott Moody) tweeted:

WTH do Albo and the ALP stand for? Following Morrison's latest vaporware scheme Fitzgibbon has been the loudest voi… https://t.co/ktfXL0MPM9

@GNadeauDubois (Gabriel Nadeau-Duboi) tweeted:

Aider les gros comme Amazon, laisser tomber les petits: est-ce que le ministre Fitzgibbon trouve ça « winner » comm… https://t.co/LtnZy18k9g

@LianneLewis1 () tweeted:

@tanya_plibersek @AngusTaylorMP Can someone in the Labor Party please make a medium term commitment to the Paris Ag… https://t.co/nznVRzhME4

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