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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Kobe / Japan
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@amad_alka23 (Amad Alkatreb) tweeted:

That’s game, the Clippers are a JOKE

@brevinknight22 (Brevin Knight) tweeted:

Biggest achilles heel for the Clippers is their lack of a true pg. Kawhi has to work too hard to get a good shot be… https://t.co/XHQqg7CkbT

@CRiley1111 (Chris Riley ) tweeted:

Remember when the Clippers were supposed to knock out the Lakers?

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Goodness gracious Clippers .....

@YancenPujols (Yancen Pujols) tweeted:

Para un servidor, los Clippers eran el mejor equipo en el Oeste. Plop!

@KingJosiah54 (Josiah Johnson) tweeted:

When Lakers fans see Clippers fans on the tl https://t.co/myJ4DdqOmS

@Sid_Seixeiro (Sid Seixeiro) tweeted:

The 2020 Clippers are proof that karma exists.

@Ben_Yoel (Ben Yoel) tweeted:

@WorldWideWob Clippers hyping Paul George up... https://t.co/GB4MbMSA1A

@JJMaples55_MST (Jason Maples) tweeted:

In retrospect. For different reasons, much like the Rockets, the Clippers going out sad may have been good for the… https://t.co/jyQys2ftM1

@tirolibreNBA (TIRO LIBRE ) tweeted:

Taylor Swift completa otra temporada en la que tiene más banners en el Staples que los Clippers. https://t.co/Wg2zgKoWLG

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