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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
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@DanWolken (Dan Wolken) tweeted:

COLUMN: While the college football world browbeat the Big Ten for being cautious, outbreaks are being celebrated as… https://t.co/E9xZBauHCs

@VirpiFlyg (Virpi Flyg) tweeted:

Swedish Health Agency wanted to keep secret what they wrote about masks to ECDC. Sweden tried to stop ECDC from rec… https://t.co/kxObO1TedO

@CBCCalgary (CBC Calgary) tweeted:

Jasper National Park says one caribou herd gone, two others on the brink of local extinction https://t.co/gPgAKfuAIB

@prakash_901 (prakash ch sharma) tweeted:

Chalta Hain culture and herd mentality https://t.co/49xLHkLOml #savegujaratnre #AtmaNirbharBharat @PMOIndia… https://t.co/ldghR6XjuE

@riotwomennn (☇RiotWomenn☇) tweeted:

@ktumulty Yes Herd mentality https://t.co/bECJ3NCluV

@duty2warn (Duty To Warn ) tweeted:

Trump just said the solution to Covid is “herd mentality.” He probably meant herd immunity. Either this one more ex… https://t.co/btcP5u066d

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

"Herd mentality." Oops. https://t.co/iNDXDla84Z

@cbouzy (Christopher Bouzy) tweeted:

Trump said "herd mentality" but he has the gall to question Biden's cognitive skills.

@LeoNYC (Life Explorer ) tweeted:

@ProjectLincoln Herd mentality is what the MAGA movement is all about.

@MollyJongFast (Molly Jong-Fast) tweeted:

Herd immunity is not an option but herd mentality.... https://t.co/JQY2eAhDoz

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