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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@KDTrey5 makes his picks for the bubble inventional, hear his reasoning and who else he has in the conference final… https://t.co/6S3IXuemQ2

@NOTSportsCenter (NOTSportsCenter) tweeted:

The Clippers: “We’re on to the Conference Finals today, let’s goooo” The Nuggets: https://t.co/KT7OEoDGdT

@NBA (NBA) tweeted:

Get ready for tonight’s Eastern Conference Finals opener at 6:30 PM ET on ESPN with the @celtics and @MiamiHEAT’s s… https://t.co/QZ6vS4HFrm

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

We thank each one of you for continuous support. @stylumia wins the India finals out of 43,600 #Startups at… https://t.co/HzmNSLXtno

@_14o7_ (Humble) tweeted:

Serious question... will this be the biggest upset in Nba history ? Pistons beatin the Lakers in 04 & Mavs beatin H… https://t.co/DarFNH

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Say what you want about the Knicks but they’ve been to the Conference Finals before

@_WarrenGee (WarrenBinc) tweeted:

People clown LeBron for having more finals appearances than other greats, that’s wild to me.

@carlcastr0 (mndflnss) tweeted:

Damn. Lakers missed the playoffs for 7 years but somehow managed to make it to the conference finals before the cli… https://t.co/svlVllAQvR

@Tw33tShoot3r (Naanu) tweeted:

MI: 5 finals 4 Trophies CSK: 8 Finals 3 Trophies The word consistency can be respected only when you use consisten… https://t.co/CK1fQkOe7o

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

In the 2009 Playoffs, Kobe: - Beat the Rockets in the 2nd round - Beat the Nuggets in Conf Finals - Won his 4th ri… https://t.co/ObrPk0PXK5

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