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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Tampa / United States
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@TeaPainUSA (Tea Pain) tweeted:

Trump’s sellin’ his “herd immunity” strategy again tonight. Sadly, it works somethin’ like this... “Hey, Jim. I w… https://t.co/mVvCfk8d8Z

@JustinWolfers (Justin Wolfers) tweeted:

Developing herd immunity doesn't just take time, it works by infecting over a hundred million and killing hundreds… https://t.co/Qb2VT1hcf0

@LabyrinthWeaver (Gubernicola Dollfeet) tweeted:

Trump mistakenly said "herd mentality" instead of "herd immunity". Here is the difference. Herd mentality is how… https://t.co/41lhzqp4VS

@Redpainter1 (Red) tweeted:

Get your Herd Mentality t-shirt here! Fresh off the presses! #NotKarensStickers #TrumpTownHall #HerdMentality https://t.co/SWfkNqFDDw

@grantstern (Grant Stern) tweeted:

Trump thinks a "herd mentality" will make #COVID19 go away without a vaccine. In a way, he's right. If everyone h… https://t.co/s8nsmEyavS

@CeramicSooz (Susan Obermeyer) tweeted:

@McFaul Donnie said the quiet part out loud again. Herd mentality is what Donnie and his cabal have programmed in… https://t.co/IfIAn70NcT

@grantstern (Grant Stern) tweeted:

Fun Fact: Trump already created a herd mentality in the Republican party, and their shared incompetence killing ten… https://t.co/fKMkUevC5A

@McFaul (Michael McFaul) tweeted:

And of course , the science on “herd immunity “ shows that it doesn’t work unless we are ready to let millions of A… https://t.co/dwa0moLkAc

@TheFrankWhaley (Frank Whaley) tweeted:

Herd mentality https://t.co/WMBSUYI22q

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@CountryDeserves @509ShawnG @GOP @realDonaldTrump @cottensj @VA_GOP PLUS he called it ‘herd mentality’ Now... who’s got a mental decline?

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