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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Perth / Australia
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@simonahac () tweeted:

excuse my french, but this is the energy industry's polite way of saying "fuck off angus". https://t.co/Q1RWVr0rCP

@_Oliver_Yates (Oliver Yates) tweeted:

Angus is amazing. He knows more about the electricity market than the National operator - AEMO who made a point of… https://t.co/FTLzazftdO

@AngusRobertson (Angus Robertson) tweeted:

More than 900,000 people have dowloaded the Protect Scotland App. If you haven't yet, please get the free, mobile p… https://t.co/VHDBkNB15C

@FinancialReview (Financial Review) tweeted:

Angus Taylor's gas plan could easily become redundant if technology, such as battery power, and consumer-driven dem… https://t.co/dF4bngBGoq

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@AngusTaylorMP @theheraldsun Absolute rolled gold BS but what else can you expect from the Minister for Imaginary W… https://t.co/FuFgK3y2aU

@VisitScotland (VisitScotland) tweeted:

Bringing you the best of Dundee & Angus!⚓

@FOX4 (FOX 4 NEWS) tweeted:

MISSING: Marcus Angus was last seen around 7 a.m. this morning riding his bike on a nature trail near his home in A… https://t.co/YE8yq6hYoH

@_Oliver_Yates (Oliver Yates) tweeted:

Let’s get real the Angus gas story is all about the next election. Just as the liberals played Collinsville and Tow… https://t.co/RiccEXURTX

@hpstorian (hpstorian) tweeted:

I will never forget the launch of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". I was working in Angus and Robertson (… https://t.co/W19rpXh9ez

@FayeOConnorFCDO (Faye O'Connor) tweeted:

Felicidades a la Gran Campeona Hembra Aberdeen Angus, de R. J. Zerbino, Lingay SA y Milkland SA, hoy

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