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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Perth / Australia
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@LessIsMoh (Mohammed Kloub) tweeted:

Two relatable kings #NBATwitter https://t.co/bNqKW9piWx

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Jamal Murray smoking a Clippers pack #NBATwitter https://t.co/Txsk1uIyMH

@ringer (The Ringer) tweeted:

all of #NBATwitter https://t.co/eD8ndQSKJL

@DaGlobe (Relentless...) tweeted:

Patrick Beverly in the locker room like... #ClippersVsNuggets #ClipperNation #NBATwitter https://t.co/wLFOnb8TFz

@WhoAskedJit (Chris Smoove) tweeted:

Paul George woke up feeling dangerous

@iamjeffreyjason (jeffrey jason) tweeted:

this is a top-tier #nbatwitter night.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@JoshMSilverman Dame Lillard to Patrick Beverley & the Clippers 3-1 chokejob #NBAPlayoffs #NBATwitter https://t.co/fQUK14J3s7

@jujubajapanties (Hank Moody ) tweeted:

#NBATwitter coming together to shit on the Clippers. https://t.co/fzXeumGrao

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @GuruKnowsSports:

@E_StaesHumble (E⏳) tweeted:

RT @CBSSportsHQ: Here's what the Clippers traded away to get Paul George: ‣ Shai Gilgeous-Alexander ‣ Danilo Gallinari ‣ 2021 1st-round pi…

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