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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Watching the Clippers collapse after Pat Bev and PG talked all that shit like https://t.co/sl76MI8RYI

@dailydunkfr (The Daily Dunk) tweeted:

RT si les Clippers ont réalisé le plus grand choke de l'histoire.

@trecoast (Tre Coast) tweeted:

How Lakers & Nuggets fans are watching Pandemic P and the Clippers tonight https://t.co/hSlJwi0vQ9

@rizturriaga (Reiner Izturriaga) tweeted:

No puedo creer esta debacle de los Clippers, el favorito al título a este año, para la mayoría. Nos privaron de ese… https://t.co/sNPE7m8QMN

@BasketballPics (Basketball Pics) tweeted:


@AlbertNahmad (Albert Nahmad) tweeted:

Reminder: The Thunder acquired 7 first-round picks, 4 first-round pick swaps, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Danilo G… https://t.co/IeojRjMIr3

@MovistarNBA (NBA en Movistar+) tweeted:

Los Nuggets vuelven a remontar un 3-1 en este #TiempoDePlayoffs. Los Clippers siguen sin llegar a unas Finales de C… https://t.co/71FFPSfTXX

@RyanVirtu (Ryan Virtudes ) tweeted:

How to summarise this Denver Nuggets v LA Clippers series #nbaplayoffs https://t.co/63cRwA4yrU

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

the reason why the clippers blew the series... https://t.co/rPEQtqz5qH

@NikkoRMS (Nikko Ramos) tweeted:

NBA: Win or Go Home Clippers: https://t.co/v9x03gGHFv

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